My Journey to Usha Village

The purpose of my trip to Agua Caliente, Usha Village Honduras was to HEAL.  When health professionals say that there’s NO OTHER WAY but “THIS WAY” it just makes a person think. So I got to thinking and went on to USHA VILLAGE.

The trip should have taken 7 hrs tops but..nooo…not for me. 7:30 am flight turned out to be 11:30 am due to plane malfunctioned. I took the trip from San Pedro Sula to the village because I figured it would’ve been safer since someone from the village will get me, and also I get to go the scenic route. But since my flight changed, I ended up getting at the village at 10 pm the night. So no scenic route.

3 80z cups of herbs waiting for me along with a meal of a salad and quinoa that night.

Next morning, Tuesday, I got up at 5am since I was overly excited and couldn’t wait to see the village. Lots of birds and sounds of the howler monkey’s in the back ground. The view was awesome. Since I am from Belize City originally, I WAS HOME! Mentally and Spiritually. My brain was totally at ease.

Later on I met the village nurse who took me around. Showed me the sauna, the pool with the high alkaline water and also the individual baths for people who don’t want to go in the pool. The individual bath you can full with the same water and soak in it for however long you want.

The basic day goes like this: 8 am breakfast of 3-4 80z cups of bitters with a large plate of fruits. 12 noon 3-4  8 oz cups of bitters with either vegetables with a salad, quinoa or soup. And that’s your day everyday. At night you get a thermos of warm sea moss to drink  keep you full, along with a water cooler in case you get thirsty. Sea Moss is great, but not the SMELL! EWWWWW……. I had my own ritual of drinking. I close my nose, turned off my taste buds, drink sea moss, gulp water, then BREATHE!

In between breakfast and lunch, you are basically on your own on the compound. You get to explore, go to the sauna and then pool.

I had a special spot in the back of the huts where I go every morning and afternoon just to relax, watch the different color birds and soak up the sun.

The birds they have personality. Every morning 2 yellow and brown birds, I call them banana birds. Would fly where I sit every morning at the same time. I would like to believe that they got use to me and come looking for me every morning because, whenever I’m out there, they fly around me constantly.

For someone who has never done a cleansing, or don’t meditate, Usha Village will be a real change for them. ESPECIALLY if you like food and its hard for you to change your eating habits. The village is quiet. You have a whole lot of time to spend with yourself, to get to know you all over again. 🙂

For me, it wasn’t hard as I have no problem playing in the sandbox alone. The food part wasn’t THAT HARD 🙂 however, after a couple days, your mind start saying, you need something to stick to the ribs. I lost 9 lbs in 4 days. I won’t put what type of healing I needed not just yet; only because I haven’t gone for my tests as yet. 2 more weeks I am schedule to go. I will say this much, it had to do with kidney.

Dr. Sebi was not there, but I got to meet some wonderful people whom now are my friends.

One of the clients had rented a car since this was his third year and he knew how to get around. So many thanks to him I was able to go in the city and

I know that Dr. Sebi is not amazed  at the work he is doing, but for people like myself who did not know, or TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that HERBS CAN HEAL ANY DISEASE, that is amazing.

It is amazing because its right in our back yards and we are not noticing. All we need to do is learn to eat right and keep our bodies healthy so no disease can live in our bodies.



110 thoughts on “My Journey to Usha Village

    • Hello Ms. Linda,

      I stayed 8 days, which was really too short if you are in dire need of healing.

      Tips for newbies: Bring books to read, laptop, tablet, etc….there’s really nothing to do on the compound once you are there. There may be other people there for healing as well, so depending on your personality, you can sit down and chit chat with them. Dr. Sebi have a nephew who picks people up from the airport. I’ve heard he charge a fee to take you around outside the compound. I didn’t do that. I was fortunate to have met another person there for healing who goes every year and he was well versed with the surroundings. He rented a car and took me out the day before I was to leave.

      When traveling I found out that going through Roatan was the easiest way.

      Please call Sebi’s office to make sure on your travelling date.

  1. Hello Zenraya

    Were you cured from your illness and how long did it take to go away?

    I have acne and anemia, would that take longer to go away? Also, does the water really help your skin heal faster?

    Please respond

    Thank you

    • Hello Janet,

      Acne and anemia can easily be cured for you. Your anemia you just need the right iron and the acne you need a purge / cleansing. Yes the water does cleanse your skin.

      I was not healed completely because my illness is more complicated and life threatening and its just going to take me time. It did help somewhat.

      • Hi again Zenraya

        Thank you so much for your response, I am glad to finally speak with someone that actually went there!

        I have more questions to ask you because I am so interested in going there soon. I don’t want to bother you with loads of questions, so is it okay to ask you more questions?

        Again, I really appreciate the fast response!

        Thank you

    • Anemia —you can buy burdock root. Health food store sells it. I use the extract.

      I’m no herbalist, but from past experience, with acne, you have to flush out your system.

      At any rate, your ailments will be easy for dr sebi to heal. Call them up and hear their recommendations. Also, RESEARCH YOUR AILMENTS and stick to a good diet.

  2. Zenraya,

    It is always great to hear from someone who has been to Sebi’s Usha Village.
    I want to commend you on that, and I hope your healing is coming a long.

    ‘The basic day goes like this: 8 am breakfast of 3-4 80z cups of bitters with a large plate of fruits. 12 noon 3-4 8 oz cups of bitters…”

    Some of the terms I did not really understand clearly like “bitters.”
    You wrote that each day you all were given 3-4 8oz cups of bitters.
    Are these the herbs that Sebi normally has in his therapeutic packages
    or something else?

    You went over the typical days were there any analysis done for
    each person’s condition and were you suggested or given herbs
    for your condition or just the “bitters?” I know Sebi suggests that
    we clean our system out, but were you all required to put back into your

    Most importantly, what type of water were you all drinking and how much did you were you all suggested to consume each day?

    • Bitters –another term wfor herbs.
      Yes..same herbs as therapeutic pkg..Whatever was given to me, was for MY condition.

      Yes…to put back in our system we were given a thermos of Sea moss.

      We were drinking the water from the natural spring.

  3. Uh, what are “bitters?” Also, I was wondering Ms. Dawson what fruits were served in the morning to you all? Were than any herbs at Usha Village that are not part of Dr. Sebi’s Therapeutic Package and that are sold on his website?

    Also, when do you think you will be going back anytime soon?

    • Hello Gary

      Bitters are herbs that are steeped in hot water and then cool for you to drink. Bitters is just a nickname for herbs because the taste is BITTER 🙂

      Fruits that were served for breakfast are watermelon, papaya, guava, and sometimes strawberries.

      I don’t remember the name of the herbs that were served to us but they are part of Dr. Sebi’s package; however some is not posted on the site as its effective only by being part of the package versus taking alone. Also keep in mind, that the therapeutic package is made according to one’s ailment. The herbs that were served I don’t think are on his website. Its like the therapeutic package…..depending on the person’s ailment the package is made.

      I don’t know if I will be going back anytime soon as I am not able to afford the stay. For my particular ailment, 1 week is just not enough.

  4. Aurelia, you can’t really think the therapeutic packages are made to your ailment do you? I’m just a little suspicious when his new site and when you call has a three herb package for $250 with chelation 2 being the only herb out of the package that can be bought on the site individually. I am also surprised you weren’t able to get healed in your time there. Just curious because it is an awful a lot of money to come back to the states with the same ailment not being cured, adjusting back into that US lifestyle and having had paid thousands of dollars. Your comments? Have you not found any herbal places just as effective as Sebi’s?

    • Yes…I think the pkg was made for my ailment. For example: If you have a problem with your liver…..would you take medication for your heart?

      Its ok to be suspicious. This is why we have a brain. To think with 🙂

      You’re absolutely right about the cost. But at the end of the day, to get excellent health it doesn’t cost…put pays.

      Listen, it takes you X amt of years to get sick…..whether its 10, 20, 30…as much as the herbs worked, that does not mean you will get healed overnight. Common Gary…I know you are reaching…but THINK.
      I was only there 1 week…I needed more time. Albeit I was there 1 week…it helped me tremendously.I wished i could ve stayed a month.

      Yes..I have found another herbal dr from Australia whose therapy was not as expensive. My situation is a tad bit complex. If you truly want to know more send me an email and i will tell you.
      Everyone…keep in mind…every illness that you have can only live in an acidic state. Your first step to wellness is to get rid of the mucus in your body.

      And you know what….its ok to be leary, suspicious, etc…that’s why there’s the world wide web. RESEARCH…READ…RESEARCH…READ. There’s a lot of people who are suspicious of dr sebi’s pkg because of the price…and that’s ok. Im more concerned about THE RESULTS! And until you meet people who had results, ONLY THEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND THE BIGGER PICTURE.

      Also, you cannot want to heal yourself and not change your eating habits. It’s a major challenge eating healthy and sticking to a non dairy, no meat plan. ESPECIALLY with today’s busy lifestyles.

      But what do you do when your health is jeopardize?

  5. Hey. What ammenties are afforded in the room. Is there a washer and dryer, iron, outlets for cell and laptop? Do they give you towels and soap? Thanksgiving’s

    • Look at the pics of the huts.
      Yes there are outlets for cell and laptop. Yes they give you towels and soap.
      Yes there is a washer and dryer if you need. i didn’t need.

  6. Zenraya, I’ve been curious about taking this journey for a while. Reading about your experience was very inspiring. You seem very genuine and realistic in your journey, and I hope that everything works out for you. I’m 26 and I have a lot that I want to fix (heal) within myself. I’m hoping that going to this village will help. I’m not sure that anyone would be interested in going with me so I’m a little apprehensive about going alone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • If you are not adventurous as me that went by myself, best you wait until you get someone who can go with you. As far as wanting to heal/fix yourself, start with a good cleansing of your system. Try to slow down on meat consumption and try to eat a little more fruits and veggies. It’s not easy changing a diet that we are so use to. I have been off dairy for some time now. Now there are cheese that’s made from coconut milk. One brand comes to mind, In my humble opinion, the first step is to slow down animal dairy consumption as dairy increase mucus in your body. Research and read.Educate yourself.

    • Hi Lovely, I too am interested in traveling to usha village for one week. I travel alone to costa Rica once a year, have never been to Honduras. If you are seriously considering this, please contact me at I would love to talk with you.

    • Lovely,
      I’m just doing my research on Dr. Sebi and the villiage. I will be going hopefully in 2016, I would go not but I do not want to charge it on my card. I read somewhere that to get good results it is best to stay 2 weeks. We can go together if you would like.

    • I’ve been doing some research on my own about going. I’m a full time student and am thinking about going after spring semester is over in 2016. This will give me plenty of time to save up tge money. I’ll keep u posted if you’d like.


    • Hey lovely I am also interested in taking the journey to the village. I’m 29 and doubt any of my friends would be interested in going. I am going to plan a trip for 2016. When are you going and for how long?

  7. Hi. Thank you so much for your posts and rapid responses. If I can’t make the trip, would you say that calling the office to get a prescribed herbal plan for my specific illness is the next best thing? I plan on trying really hard to stick to the eating plan/change in lifestyle. I have already begun that process because I’ve been following the group on Facebook.
    Thanks in advance for responding.

    • If you can’t make the trip, then yes, call the office and hear what they suggest for you.

      Also, there are many info on the WWW. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!

    • I don’t know how to answer your question. Is it safe traveling ANYWHERE as a female..OR a male?

      At the time I went, I was safe and i did not feel unsafe. What works for me may not work for the other person.

      • Hi great reading…I am researching and would love to go.Zenraya am trying to call the village just not getting though.The office told me they stop making the booking.i would have to call just not getting though.Did you meet the daughter that is now running the Village

      • I am not sure of which daughter now is running the facility. Also maybe booking is close temporarily for the passing of Sebi.

        In the meantime do some research online. I enjoy reading

        Never met the man but enjoy reading and educating myself with his newsletters.

  8. Zenraya,
    Thank you so much for your post. I have been researching for someone who has recently been to the village and had a real experiment. I am planning to go next year. The only two questions I have are 1) did u start using the package of herbs before u went to the village or just when u got there? and 2) when exactly did you visit? I am trying to pick the best time to visit the village myself.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Zenyara,

    You sound alot like a salesman for Sr Sebi rather than a patient. A salesman that pushes the notion that Usha Village works even though you were’t cured.. Surely the office would have told you one week is not enough before you went ? So why are you selling others on going to Usha Village when it didn’t cure you ?

  10. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I wanted to know if you can send the information for Dr. Sebi’s Village and how to go about making a rsvp, as well as his official website? I come across a few and want to make sure it’s the correct one. I’d appreciate your response 🙂


  11. Hi Ms. Linda,

    I hope things are better for you. Please provide an update on how you are doing. I was thinking g about sending my wife to the village, but after reading your posts, I am wondering if I should just purchase the therapeutic package since it is the same thing they give you during your stay. Please let me know your thoughts.

  12. I am going to the village for only 7 days at the end of the month. When you leave, do they tell you what herbs you should continue to take and order through Dr. Sebi’s website? Do they sell any of the herbs on his website at the village?

  13. I am also pleased to know that I am talking to someone who visited.
    I have wanted to visit for MANY YEARS, but the thing that stops me is – I have nobody to travel with!

    For that reason I would love to kick start to healing at home. Take two weeks off work and cleanse. Use the herbs/ bitters that Dr Sebi provides in the Village and drink gallons of spring water.. Eat fruit and raw foods..

    Will you go back again? Do you speak Spanish? Did you feel safe? Have you traveled alone before?

    • Hello Sairah

      If you are not comfortable traveling alone, don’t travel. I love and enjoy traveling. I don’t mind alone.

      Yes, when I get the chance I will go back again.
      I don’t speak Spanish fluently; Speak a little, understand a lot.

      Yes I felt safe.

  14. Zenraya,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    The Usha Village looks super peaceful and I can see why many people choose to go..just to get away, reflect and have peace.

    t I’m wondering how much the alkaline waters assist in the healing process. I’m debating going to the Village or just investing in the a therapeutic package. Do you think you would have progressed as far as you have just taking the herbs and eating alkaline foods at home?

    • Hello Vahllet; In answer to your question below:

      Do you think you would have progressed as far as you have just taking the herbs and eating alkaline foods at home?
      PERHAPS! I started out for a year before going to the village taking the herbs and it stabilized me.

      MY PURPOSE in going to the village was for the experience and also bathing in the volcanic water.

  15. Zenraya,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    The Usha Village looks super peaceful and I can see why many people choose to go..just to get away, reflect and have peace.

    I’m wondering how much the alkaline waters assist in the healing process. I’m debating going to the Village or just investing in the a therapeutic package. Do you think you would have progressed as far as you have just taking the herbs and eating alkaline foods at home?

  16. This will seem like a silly question but I’d still like to know for sure. I would like to go for cleansing. I’m sure I have some ailments within me but I don’t have an exact diagnosis because I’m afraid to go to the doctors. Will that hinder my healing experience? Like you had a specific ailment in which you were given specific foods. I don’t know what I have yet I know I have something. Do I need to know exactly what’s going on with me before I go or will he still be able to help regardless?

    • Its best you know what’s going on with you EXACTLY before you contact Usha Village. How can any doctor or herbalist knows how to cure someone if that someone don’t know what ails them?

  17. My plan is to go to the Usha Village March 2017. I’m excited about going and I want to get a group together to join me and my boyfriend. Do you know if it is cheaper with a group? and after leaving the Usha Village what does your lifestyle look like now? ie. Food, Exercise etc…

  18. Peace and blessings,

    Might i ask how much did it cost? I am planning on visiting for as long as permitted.

    Thank you.

  19. Hello everyone I plan on going to the Honduras village but I need advice I want to go for two weeks. I’m a vegerterian who wants to become a vegan but I have been having a difficult time. Does anyone know the total cost for two weeks? I live in NYC which is very poulluted and I just need a change of environment. I just got my passport and I want to explore the world.

  20. I’ve been wishing to go to Usher Village and have been saving up. Unfortunately DrSebi just transitioned two days ago. Do you think the packages and treatment plans will remain as effective? Did DrSebi have others in place to take over for him that just as knowledgeable. I’m battling an autoimmune disorder. I’m wheelchair bound now. Do you believe the package ordered would be just as effective as a visit to Usha Village? Do email me with a reply. Thanks ( )

  21. Zenraya,

    Firstly let me start off by saying, what a great page you have started….its crazy how all things align in more ways then another people, body, and wellness when in the mist of destruction. I was the ultimate left eye fan since a child an in her last days I was spooked out when she went to USHA for healing and all the things she tried to aware people about. here it is years later in my own an I have gotten married kids etc an My husband has told me some things that take place in his own country to heal So I am a believer and various WWW like you keep telling most folks on here! I love the way you reply because even as you were not healed totally you explained years of pollution to ones body cannot be healed in short timing and I think a lot of people want fast miracles in 30 seconds time frame. Sadly to say today a man of such teachings and gift will be missed by his on tragic death, Dr Sebi was trying to teach us the old ways of our grandparents an our natural self to be subconscious in a world that has injected so much into us that we have all forgotten our way! I hope if I do make that journey that considerations be made for those whom really need an deserve such healings to afford the opportunity~

    • Autumn, thank you for your kind words. I don’t know if I’ve ever put on this site about my health. But here goes.

      Currently I am on dialysis. At the time of visiting the village ( April 2014 ) I was on the verge of a rejection from a 15 yr kidney transplant. I was trying to stop the rejection.
      My rejection started in 2013 and I started dr sebi’s treatment right away. It was able to keep me off dialysis for 1 yr. The thing is, I already had a transplant, therefore that organ was not mine, so perhaps that’s why the herbs were only able to keep me stable that I did not need dialysis right away instead of jump starting that kidney. I don’t know.

      At any rate, when the time came for me to start dialysis July 2014, the doctors were amazed I was not sick even with my kidney not functioning at all. I believe that the clean out I got did justice to my body. I don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure or anything that leads to kidney disease. I was born with 1 kidney which was abnormal in size. In my early 20s I fell 10 stairs down and hit my kidney and thats what ‘killed’ the kidney…so to speak.

      One of our constitutional rights is freedom of speech and I am not forcing or endorsing any herbal products, I am merely sharing my experience. HERBS DOES WORK. Herbs / plants have been working since…as my mom would say..since devil was a boy 🙂

      Currently I am on dialysis…but not taking any medications. My blood pressure is normal. I still do my flush out with herbs and have been good with my diet. I do eat chicken and fish. But no dairy or junk / fast food.

      In my humble opinion, many of us cannot afford to buy healthy foods on a regular basis. But if you flush your system out regularly that will minimize disease.

      Keep in mind that disease could only live in an acidic environment. So basically, we need to keep our bodies in an alkaline state.

      I cannot stop saying this enough. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Do not go by what anyone says without following up with research of your own.
      Educate yourself on your health. Listen to what others have to say and make your decision base on what you’ve found.

      Dr. Sebi’s compound in Honduras is great for anyone. Not only someone who is sick. But just to bathe in the volcanic water is an experience in itself.

  22. Hi Edna mckay,

    My Name is Tiffany. I also live in NYC and is interested in visiting USHA for 2-weeks. When do you plan on going. We should talk.

  23. Ms Zenraya,

    You are my hero. You are so brave on fighting to get your health back and may the good Lord continue to give you strength. I am so happy to have come across your blog, you have given me the POWER to be in control of my health. Thank you so very much, and i will be praying for you.

  24. Hey, Anyone in the NC, VA, SC area interested in planning a trip to the village within the next 6 months or so? I am looking for some nice people to travel with. Please contact me via my email at:


  25. Thank You sooooooo very much for putting up this page and sharing as you have. I read each and every post before responding. I am in the stage that you continually speak of “research research research” seeking alternatives for my wife as we being our 3rd battle with lung cancer. That disease has an 85% mortality rate and we began our fight in 2009 and was cancer free from 2010-2016 where it has returned.

    I’m not sure if Dr. Sebi’s process will work but I’m also not sure it won’t. Reading the posts here has given me hope to continue my research. I have reached out to Dr. Sebi’s people and hope to hear from them. I read of 1 lady beating leukemia which also gives me hope. My trust is in Christ Jesus whom I pray will soon tell me what route to take as I “research research research”.

    Be Blessed and thanks again for sharing

    • Hello Denise Bailey – as I have suggested to other members of this site – Please call the Usha Village office in L.A. for directions as I am in no way affiliated with DR SEBI.

      I loved and enjoyed the experience at USHA VILLAGE and so I started this page to share my experience.

  26. Thank you for your account of your visit to USHA village. I am planning a visit December 2017. I was planning to travel alone because my friends and family are not on board with my lifestyle change (yet)! I am a nurse and I am excited to experience USHA village. If there is anyone else who will be planning a visit during that time, please let me know. Also, Zenraya, I would love to pick your brain on what to expect and what to take on this trip. Please email me ( Thank you, again for this sharing your experience on the forum.

      • My experience and treatment was from 2014. It helped prolong the time for me to go on dialysis and it also kept me strong while i was on dialysis – however I could not afford to continue buy the herbal package and went on dialysis. I received a kidney transplant 2017 Oct.

    • I received a transplant Oct 2017 and doing well. For anyone with similar issues, please keep in mind that when you have a transplant of any kind you are not able to take herbs due to the fact that it will cause your organ to go into rejection. I’m guessing that there are not enough research done on transplant and herbs. What I do know from past experience that you would have to wait until after 2-3 yrs to start taking any kind of cleaning out aka detoxing herbs.
      At the time I went to the village and taking the herbs it did help prolong me going on dialysis. I just could not afford to buy the monthly herbs to continue.

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